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All Ireland Ticket Draw   08/09/2017

All Ireland Ticket Distribution Details

Dear Members

At present the club has been notified of an allocation of stand and terrace tickets for the All Ireland Football Final. Its

likely we will not know the exact amount until early next week, before the final.

The club management has decided that tickets can only be fairly distributed by lottery draw which will take place on

Thursday night 14 Sep at 9.00 pm.

 Only fully paid up adult/minor members of St Maurs can apply for tickets through the club

 This will be based on the membership as of Thursday 31 Aug 2017 and this will be posted in the club foyer or his

weekend and available in the office

 It will include full members, social members, adult players and minor players who are fully paid up for 2017

 Minor players are defined as those born in 1999 and 2000 only

To be in the draw please submit your name, address and telephone number on a ticket application slip, on the

night. Please ensure you are a member beforehand.

The draw will work as follows

 Names will be drawn for stand tickets, each name drawn will get 1 ticket

 Then names will be drawn for Terrace tickets and again each name will get 1 ticket

 The club will not engage in swapping tickets, members must sort this themselves

 Full payment must be made on the night by cash/cheque by the member

 Members must be present on the night or have an immediate family member (spouse,

sibling, parent, son, daughter) represent them

 You cannot represent mutiple family members and you cannot submit entries for other

members who are not your immediate family

Note members should not contact the club chairman, secretary or any committee member to canvass for

tickets over the next week . The phone number used for previous matches will not be used or checked.

Finally as a club we would love to be able to satisfy the demands of all our members young and old but we

don’t expect to have nearly enough tickets to do this. We trust you will accept our efforts to be as fair as

possible to all members. 

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